Friday, July 8, 2011

NOTD - Chanel Peridot

Ahhhh. I love green stuff. Eyeshadows, nail polishes, etc... no green blush or lips, please! In January, I think, I saw a very poor swatch of some upcoming Chanel polishes. One of which was called Peridot, which is a green, semi-precious gemstone. I wrote down "Chanel NP - Peridot... MUST OWN!" and then sort of forgot about it. last month, swatches surfaced of this magical nail polish, and my lemming was reborn. I had to have it. I happened to get the 3rd to last bottle from my local Nordstrom (after turning down the SA's hard-sell offers on the quad, cream eyeshadows, etc. She was not amused, and I kept thinking "Hello? This is still a $50 sale for you!"). Anyway, this polish is stunning. It's olive, emerald, and gold in one, depending on the angle and light. I would've loved to see a little of the blue that appears in the bottle, but I'm not that picky. Love this polish, but it doesn't wear particularly well on me. You can see some tip wear already on my pointer finger.

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