Monday, November 12, 2012

Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer

I am a reformed Urban Decay fan. About two-thirds of the way through the professional size tube of UDPP, I had to realize that it wasn't working. My eyeshadow was creasing no matter how much or little I used, despite my "perfected" system of UDPP topped with a cream shadow and finished with powder. I would get creasing after 6 hours or so. I needed something that could last 12 hours, because I will often work 10 hours a day and still wanted to be able to go somewhere after work without looking like I had worked 10 hours. I had read good things about Behind the Scenes, and decided to try it out.
 Packaged in a sleek charcoal tube with silver lettering. You get half an ounce for $21.00, or you can often find mini-sizes packaged with Lorac palettes, like the recently released Pro Palette. The applicator is a slant tip, like what you find lipglosses. Behinds the Scenes is available everywhere that Lorac is sold, include Sephora, Ulta, Lorac's website, etc. Sephora's website states:
Behind The Scenes Eye Primer is a crease-resistant formula that holds pigment in place for long-lasting, stay-true color. It easily glides on the eye lid and the silky-smooth finish minimizes flaws and imperfections on the lid.
The product is a milky, pink tone gel-cream hybrid. It applies giving the barest of coverage. I find that it does even the skintone on my lids, but not in a substantial way. I sort of expected the primer to have one of those super-silicone velvet feeling effects, but it doesn't. 

While I haven't been super impress with Lorac in the past, I really, really love this product. I was so surprised at how well it worked. I can even skip using a cream eyeshadow under powder shadows and have the look last for several hours, which is unusual. If I use loose shadows, I don't need to add mixing medium to ensure the shadows will last all day on my lids. I have found that the primer collects on the applicator surface, as seen above. But that's not a big deal.

My only issue with this product is that it seems I use it extremely fast. I don't need to use a ton of it, but it still seems like my supply is dwindling very quickly. It could be that I am used to the huge amount of UDPP from the professional size tube so my frame of reference is poor. Nonetheless, I felt it was important to note.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this product. I will definitely repurchase once my tube is empty.