Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies Flared Mascara - Review

Whew! What a long name! I was pleased with the One-by-One mascara, and was extremely excited to try the The Falsies Flared mascara, since Maybelline appears to be on a roll with their last several mascara releases. I picked this up at the same time I got the Master Drama liner, and have had a chance to use this for a while.

According to (since Maybelline doesn't have this mascara mentioned on their site):
False lash glam goes flared! Up, out & over the top, instantly! Maybelline's exclusive spoon brush loads lashes with massive volume and presses them into a flared arch while the flexible-hold formula with pro-ker fiber provides a lasting curve.
I have to hand it to the copywriter here. This description makes me think of leaving my husband and kid to run away with The Falsies Flared, since it will do everything my little heart desires. Common sense, however, demands that I stay where I am... how can a mascara make my lashes do something they don't already do?

In all honesty, to get your lashes to "flare" out, you may wish to take your favorite mascara, and apply it in such a way as to direct your lash in the direction you want them to be. I seriously doubt you have to buy a drugstore mascara to have this happen. Regardless, I like this mascara.It give me volume, and length (in that order). I chose "Blackest Black," since my lashes are light in color naturally, and I love drama. It covers my lashes fairly well. The only issue really I have with The Falsies Flared is, well, it's TOO volumizing. I mean, with one coat, my lashes are near perfect. With 2 or more coats, however, my lashes end up clumpy, and beginning to clump together, which is not a look I like. I have to use a spoolie, or a lash brush to fix things.

The "exclusive spoon brush" is really a curved wand (which I think we've all see before), with a little flexible bit connecting it to the handle. It does move fairly easily, but I don't think it's cause for celebration. Even though the brush is huge, I don't seem to have the issues I normally have with over-sized brushes. I don't end up with mascara on my lids or under my eyes, which I'm grateful for.

Overall, I like this mascara, except for the clumping. I could do without that. Do I look like I have flared false lashes on with this mascara? No. I look like I have thick black mascara on. But, that's okay with me (oddly). If you're looking for a false-lash look, you may be better off layering this mascara, using a completely different product, or wearing falsies. Just a thought. ;)


  1. Thanks for a great review, I think I might buy this, I like that you didn't straight out love or hate this, you gave a good review

  2. I'm glad you found my review helpful! It's not a bad mascara, but it's not the best I've ever tried. For a drugstore mascara, though, it's pretty darned good.