Handmade soap! I've taken up the very, very, expensive hobby of soap making. I have soap coming out of my eyeballs, and would be pleased to sell you a bar (or more) of my creations. Fragrances will vary (you can ask what I have on hand, or I can make a custom-scented batch). I don't really know how much interest there is out there, but... anything I can do to make things a smidge easier, I'll do it! Price per bar will vary, as they're hand cut, and I can't cut straight to save my life, so we'll go by weight, and are vegan. If you want an ingredients list, or want to know what fragrances I have, email me!

A couple of points:

1) My soap is vegan! My favorite recipe (so far) has castor, coconut, palm kernal and olive oils, and mango butter. 

2) I tend to favor fragrance oils over essential oils (things are significantly less complicated when using fragrance oils, due to some of the contraindications that essential oils can have), but I do have some essential oils around.

3) I also make vegan lip balms! I have a batch made with castor and rice bran oils, candelilla wax and mango butter that I just need to add a flavor to, so feel free to ask!

Some pictures:

Watermelon soap in the mold....

Watermelon soap cut!

Sandalwood, colored with activated charcoal

Softer Sandalwood blend, with a touch of rhassoul clay.

Sugar scrub! Lime scented and awesome!