Saturday, July 23, 2011

Etsy Find - Lost in Makeupland, part 2 - Rock my Look

This is part 2 in a 4 part series for this seller. Today, I'm discussing the collection that originally drew me to her shop and made me spend a pile of money - Rock my Look.

I love eyeshadows that are "blackened *something*." It's inexplicable. I don't wear black eyeshadow because it's very harsh on my skintone, and hard for me to wear without looking overly goth. Having a color to add to the  darkness, however, seems to make things softer, not as harsh and thus easier for me to wear. When I started browsing Etsy in late November/early December of last year (2010), I was drawn to the soon-to-be-released Rock my Look collection from Belén's range. I ordered a sample set, to challenge myself to branch out a little. It didn't work as planned, since I was supposed to finish a sample before ordering a full size (laughable, really).

The collection of six shadows is available as a sample set, or as a full size set, or individually. The sample set is $4.50 (would be $6.00 individually), the full size set is $25.00, and individual full sizes are $5.99. Libertine and Queen are sample sizes that I decanted into 5 gram jars for ease of use, and the others are full sizes. You can see that samples are generously sized, and you can get several uses out of them.

The collection, if you don't recognize some of the names, is inspired by rock bands. I'm a fan of Queen, and Aerosmith, which made this collection especially meaningful. I also like it when sellers like Belén include a piece of their life in their work, because anyone can look at a generic flower and be like "ah, yes, this rose is pink and white!" and release a "collection" of pink, white and brown shadows (since flowers grow in soil, which is usually some shade of brown). 

These shades really come alive when swatched. Seven Nation Army, to me, is a straight-up silver with a grey base. Very, very pretty. Dream On is, without a doubt, my favorite shade of the bunch. It's a true duo-chrome, ranging from bronzey brown to a flashy gold.  Queen is a red-based purple. Yeah Yeah Yeah is a blackened green, another one I really like. Volta is a blue-purple. Libertine is a greyed-silver. All have an element of deepness to them, the flash sort of washed that out, but it made their nuances so much more vibrant. 

I love these shades as liners. When applied wet, they are amazing. I love that they're not glittery - the shimmer is very fine, which is unique. So many sellers think shimmery must mean uber glittery, which I dislike. These are very soft, and generally well pigmented (Queen is a little less so than the others, as is Volta). They wear wonderfully over my normal bases (UDPP + something else, like a paint pot, Sin 24/7 Shadow Pencil, etc). I don't wear some shades, like Libertine or Yeah Yeah Yeah very often, and I should wear Dream On more than I do (that, however, can be said of most of my collection). 

I've heard Belén is plotting a release of a collection called Rock My Look 2, or something like that. I'm hoping that'll happen. I'm (not so) patiently waiting for new colors from Lost in Makeupland as it is, and the thought of a new family of deep colors like these makes me very, very excited.

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