Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Etsy Find- Lost in Makeupland, part 1

This is part one of a 4 part series for this seller. I have several of her shadows (and I'm not-so-patiently waiting for her new releases), and highlighters. Today we're going to cover the shades I have from her permanent or standard collection.

Lost in Makeupland is run by the very sweet Belén, who is very involved with her line. She does not repackage, and it shows - her colors are unique, varied in texture and tone, and of course, very pretty. I've ordered from her several times, and each time has been a treat. She has shops on Etsy and Artfire, and ships from Algeciras, Spain.

Full size eyeshadows are packaged in 5 gram jars, samples are in plastic baggies. I've transferred my samples, for the most part, into 5 gram jars for ease of use.  You can request that Belén not include a sifter, and just pack the jar full of product. The amount of product in a sample size isn't given, however, it's generous. At this time, a full size shadow is $5.99, a sample is $1.00. You can also purchase sample packs, which range in price depending upon how many samples you wish to purchase. Shipping starts at $2.75 to ship state-side, which is rivals U.S. seller's shipping policies. You will need some patience, however, as it can take a while for packages coming from Spain to arrive (the longest I've waited was over a month, but it was Christmas time. The shortest I've waited was less than 2 weeks). 

Her core collection includes approximately 17 eyeshadows, two of which are highlighting shades (one of which will be reviewed with the highlighters I have from LiM).  A good portion of these are vegan. We'll look at 7 of these shades today.

From the core range, I have Ink Bubbles, a "bright" and "fuschia" pink, which is surprisingly wearable on me (this is a sample that I transferred to a jar, so you can see how much is there). Guns and Roses comes in two versions, vegan and not vegan. The vegan version is grey with pink sparkle, the non vegan has red sparkle. Purrrple is a rich purple, with a touch of grey. Oh My... It's Black! is... black (seriously, what'd you expect?), and applies fairly matte. Weed is a super bright, happy green (sort of with the name was different, though. Drug references in makeup are a pet peeve). Expensive is a beautifully metallic gold, especially applied wet. Bioshock is a deep, lush blackened green/teal.

The swatches above are applied dry to bare skin (no primer). You can see that some colors apply a touch sheerly, like Purrrple, but all of these really come alive when wetted with a bit of MAC's Mixing Medium. They all blend beautifully, and last a while on my lids (over UDPP and a color base, applied wet). As noted in my previous Linnaeus Cosmetics review, the best way I've found to make mineral or loose eyeshadows stay on my lids is to apply them wet, then lightly dust my lids with the same color, to "set" the shadow. I love Bioshock as a liner. Purrrple looks great against my green eyes, as does Expensive. If you made me pick a favorite of this group, I really couldn't - they're all so lovely.

Overall, I love this line. I love the feel of it, and Belén's enthusiasm for this line, and her eye for color.  I also like that she draws inspiration from more than one place. She's not all about music (I have a review and swatches of the Rock my Look collection), but from other areas. She's planning a collection based on people's pets, for example. She is also a great deal of fun to talk to, as well.

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