A bit more about me...

I mean, why not introduce to who I am, and why I thought you might care what I have to think?

I am a late 20's beauty junkie with pale, slightly warm skin, with an oily t-zone and large pores decorating my nose (yay! lol). I have a degree in Chemistry from Oregon State (Go Beavs! Boo on Ducks!), which doesn't really translate to the field I'm in now.

I am not affliated with any of the companies I review (free stuff would be nice, though), and clearly mark those things which were included as gifts with purchase or freebies of any kind. The links I include in reviews are for your convenience - I want to:

a) show my sources;
b) support those companies who I believe are worth supporting, and;
c) at least give you the option of trying things I didn't like.

Swatches are done on bare skin. For wear reports, though, I always use UDPP + something else. Usually a MAC Paint Pot, a Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Shadow, or something else (maybe a pencil eyeliner). I have very oily lids, and this combination provides me with the best results. I may not mention it in every review, but when I say something lasts all day, this is what's under it.

Any questions? Feel free to ask!