Thursday, July 28, 2011

Etsy Find - Lost in Makeupland, part 3 - Alice's Chains

This is the third part of a 4 part series for this seller. I'm not sure why I broke this up the way that I have, but it made sense when I started... so I'll just continue on.

Today we'll look at half of Belén's newest collection, Alice's Chains, inspired by... Alice in Chains, which happens to be one my husband's favorite bands (when he's not listening to "elf metal"... yeah). Anyway, I only have half of this collection, because I felt most of the colors were too similar to what I have elsewhere, or were not colors that I would wear. While they're all beautiful, I can't justify buying something because it's pretty (I know it's a great reason and all, and that's what keeps the cosmetic industry going sometimes, but I just can't!). 

Now you can see how Belén packages samples! Like most sellers who have very reasonable priced samples, she sends them in small baggies. 

Rain When I Die is a brown/umber color, with a bit of red to it. Would? is a soft orange, with a touch of peachy-gold. Them Bones is a light yellow-gold, which reminds me of MAC's Nylon eyeshadow, only less frosty. All of these shades have shimmer to them, but I like the contrast between this type of shadow and the Rock my Look collection. The other colors in this collection are Love, Hate, Love, which is a bright green, much brighter than Weed from the core collection. Man in the Box is a hot magenta (I've never really thought of what I would consider a color representation of a man in a box... hmmm....).  Dirt is a yellow-red.

The texture of these, like all of Belén's eyeshadows is so dreamy. They're soft, blendable, and fairly pigmented. Rain When I Die is the only one I have any real issue with, but that's sort of par for the course when dealing with dark-ish colors.

I cannot rave enough about Lost in Makeupland's eyeshadows. Belén's color choices and inspiration really make her line unique. As previously noted, she's very easy to talk to, and she really cares about her customers. Look to part 4, where I discuss (most of) her highlighters!

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