Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rock & Republic Luxe Lip Gloss in Drama Queen - Review

I am a lip gloss fan. I love glosses, because I like the moisture, and the ease of application (I prefer glosses I can apply without a mirror). I also seem to prefer products that I can actually see that I've used them. Glosses are, well, awesome. But some are more awesome than others.
I may never own a pair of Rock & Republic jeans, but I own a number of their cosmetic items - and they are fantastic! Their lipgoss is no different - good pigmentation, great formula, and a generous amount of product. I have the shade "Drama Queen" - a warm peachy-pink hue.

The applicator is a doe foot, which I greatly prefer to a brush (the bristles can get bend backwards or can be cut all wonky or any number of other annoyances). The tube is physically fairly large, and really reminds me of a test tube, for fairly obvious reasons. For $26, you get 0.11 fl oz of glossy-goodness. This line seems to frequent sample-sale websites like Haute Look and Gilt Group, however, so you may not need to pay full price. Quality-wise, I'd easily place this product with Chanel Glossimers, so the price is justified (Glossimers retail at $28.50 for 0.19 fl oz, so they win in the quantity category, however.)

Generally speaking, I usually gravitate towards thicker glosses, but I'll make an exception for Drama Queen. It has good pigmentation, no scent or taste that I notice, and actually feels like it's hydrating (which doesn't happen with some glosses). It does have a thinner consistency and feel, similar to the Dior Addict Ultra lipglosses. I'd say the wear time is 1 - 2 hours max, but due to the pigmentation, after the glossiness is gone, the color faintly remains.

In some ways, I wish the tube were a bit smaller. On the other hand, however, it's super easy to find in my purse. I also wish Rock and Repulic cosmetics were still available in stores like Nordstrom, where I'd have a chance to swatch them on me to see what colors I wanted (like I need more lipgloss). If you like the Dior Addict glosses, I think you'll really like these. If you like thicker glossess, though, I'd pass on these, since they seem fairly thin.

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