Monday, January 10, 2011

Etsy Find: Holy House Dispensary - Review

Once again, we're venturing into my collection of loose eyeshadows from Etsy. This time, the company is a bit more local to me - Holy House Dispensary operates out of Idaho (home of many things, but most wellknown for their potatoes. They offer 15 eyeshadows and three tinted lip balms (which I haven't tried). The finishes range from matte to shimmery (I haven't seen a really glittery shade yet), and from sheer to very pigmented.

I have 5 colors, Thief, Call Me, Nude, and Smoke. Cassie, the owner, included a generous sample of Baby in my first order, as well. Full size jars are of the 3 oz size, and are full to the top - no sifters (yay!). Each jar has a sticker on the top with the Holy House Dispensary logo on it, and the shade names are written in permanent marker on the bottom. They retail for $4.99, and Cassie asks for $1.00 for shipping. She doesn't charge any additional shipping charges. At this time, she offers a discount of 10% when using the coupon code "holyhouse" on all orders, as well.

Thief is a bright, yet not over the top, shimmery green, with medium pigmentation. Call Me is a deep red-based purple with a sheen, and very pigmented. Nude is a sheer, sparkly nude (aptly named, don't you think?). Smoke is a matte smokey-purple, which really reminds me of MAC's Poison Pen from their Matte^2 line, with medium pigmentation. Baby is a soft, glimmery peach shade, with medium pigmentation.

I'm very happy with how well these blend. They are the perfect combination of easy to blend, yet pigmented. I'm not worried about blending these colors off my lid (which can happen with mineral pigments), but I can blend them into my crease without much effort. They hold up fairly well on my lids, with minimal creasing. My favorites are Smoke and Nude, the original two colors I ordered. The others are nice, but I love Smoke, and Nude is a great wash of sheer color. I don't know if I would recommend Nude to someone who wants a lot of color, or would plan on using it to even their lid color out, though. There's not a lot of pigment there.
I hope Cassie plans on adding the color name to her labels, or making labels to indicate the colors, as I'm concerned over time the names may wear off the bottoms of the jars (not that I've had that issue yet).

Overall, Holy House Dispensary offers a great product at an excellent price!

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