Friday, January 21, 2011

Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Shadow - Review

I have oily eyelids, so Urban Decay Primer Potion is a must. But, UDPP alone does not work for me, so I have to turn to a second primer or something in addition to powder eyeshadows. Alternatives include Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadows (which crease on me), MAC Paint Pots, and the topic of the day: Clinique's Quick Eyes Cream Shadows.
These retail for $15.50 for 0.17 oz, and are available anywhere Clinique is sold. Clinique markets them as a "crease proof cream eyeshadow," which is not quite true. Clinique also states they will last up to 10 hours on your lids, which is also not quite true. They do crease alone on me, but since everything does, that's not a huge suprise. After about 9 hours, they fade on me, which again, is nothing I'm suprised. These are packaged in tubes like MAC's lipglasses, complete with a doefoot applicator.
I have the shades "Rock Violet," a "muted silvery violet per Clinique, and "Sunlit Palm," a "soft forest green with gold shimmer." I would agree with both color descriptions. Both of these colors are shimmery, not glittery, and work fabulously as color bases.

These have a mousse-feeling to them, however they don't have that "whipped" look in the tube. What makes these great is you can sheer them out if you wish, or layer them for a more intense color. Keep in mind, though, all of the color descriptions include adjectives like "muted" or "soft." I don't believe these are meant to be piled on for a fully opaque, high colored look.

I seem to prefer the creaminess these have, rather than the feel of Paint Pots (although some have a great texture, others don't). I can blend these really well with my fingers, while I feel with Bare Study, for example, I can't move the shadow around on my lid.

I typically wear Rock Violet under purple eyeshadows, like MAC's Shale or Quietly pigment. Sunlit Palm I wear under Sumptuous Olive, or any khaki/green eyeshadow. Both cream shadows help enhance the tone and depth of the color of the shadow being applied over it. I tend use a sheer layer, in an effort to decrease the creasing potential that is inherent in cream shadows.

Clinique has a solid product here. So far, with the two I've used, I really like these and look forward to gathering the other shades the Quick Eyes Cream Shadow comes in.

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