Thursday, August 4, 2011

NYC Liquid Lipshine Gloss - Review

I don't need more lipglosses. I've finished maybe 3 glosses in my whole life, simply because I'll use one for a week, then I'll find something new to use. At this point, I rarely buy expensive glosses (like Chanel, Dior, etc. Chanel because they're uber expensive, and I never finish them before they go bad. Dior because they're uber expensive, and I finished one in less than 2 months with daily use), and will only buy MAC lipglasses or Dazzleglasses if they're truly unique. I'm trying desperately to use up my stash of glosses. But, I'm weak. I need a glossaholic 12 step program or something.

Anyway, when picking up the new Blushable Creme Sticks, I found this gloss in the display, and decided to give their glosses a shot. I mean, NYC's cream blushes are nice, maybe they're glosses are, too. NYC's website says:

- Pure pigments, 3D-effect shine
- Lips feel moisturized
- Creamy and soft texture
- Non-sticky
Key Ingredients:
- Vitamin E formula provides shine and moisturizing feel
I have to ask.... what, exactly, is a "3D-effect?" My lips are three dimensional already... so.... yeah. Anyway, other than that odd claim,  the others are spot-on. My lips feel moisturized, and I'd be so bold as to claim they are moisturized by this gloss. While it's on, anyway. The texture of this gloss is really nice - it's sort of a thinner Dazzleglass. It has that cushy feel of a Dazzleglass, without the thickness. It actually reminds me of MAC's Lipglee's.  I really like it. Because this gloss isn't sticky, you may imagine it's fleeting on the lips. I'm pleased to say, it lasts a while, 2 hours or so. Compare to the last drugstore gloss I tried, that's a feat!

I selected the shade "Pink Cosmo," from the summer collection. Since it's not listed on their website, I assume that it's limited edition. It's a pretty, warm, sparkly pink shade. It's not extremely pigmented, and not glittery. Just sparkly.

I like the packaging for this gloss. Instead of being round, it's oval shaped. So, it doesn't roll off my desk, or end up in some dark corner because it rolled to where I can't find it. You'd think that more brands would recognize the utility of this shape, but I guess not (I specifically chose oval lip balm tubes for the lip balms I make, to prevent roll-age). The applicator is a strange, elongated, bendy doe-foot. I have no aversion to doe-foot applicators, and generally prefer them to brushes, since bristles can get bend backwards, or get messed up in some other way. This one isn't bad. I like that it's shaped differently, since I have fuller lips, which means the standard MAC doefoot doesn't really do a great job of applying gloss, unless I have a mirror to use. I don't really need a mirror to apply this with, because the doe foot is more than long enough to cover the surface of my lips.

When all is said and done, this is a fantastic lipgloss for $2.49. Really. My only real issue is how hard NYC is to come by. The gloss is fine, the price is great, but the availability sucks.

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