Saturday, August 6, 2011

Etsy Find - Lost in Makeupland, part 4 - Highlighters

This is the final installment of a 4 part series for this seller. Today, we'll focus on Belén's collection of highlighting shades, Faerie, Glow, English Rose and Snow (not a true member, but I use it as a highlight).

Faerie, Glow, and English Rose are available in 3 sizes, sample sized (packaged in a plastic bag for $1.50), a mini-size, 5 gram jar for $5.00, and a full size, 10 gram jar for $8.00. Whipped is technically an eyeshadow, so it is available as a sample in a plastic bag for $1.00, or a full size, 5 gram jar for $5.99. You can buy a sample pack of all of these colors for $4.00, which is a great deal, since the sample sizes are so generous.

Faerie is described as a "warmish peachy pink, works nicely on cool tones if applied very lightly," and appears as a soft neutral peach, if you can believe it. Glow is described as a "neutral golden pink, the warmth of the gold meets with a touch of cold pink," and appears as a warmish glow. English Rose is described as "cool toned mauve-pink," and is decidedly cool-toned pink. Snow is described as an "cold as ice and beautiful as real snow," it can be applied heavily for an opaque white, but it can also be sheered out, and provide a eye-brightening highlight.

Obviously, I'm a gal with yellow undertones. English Rose is not a good highlight color for me. It's still gorgeous, though. Glow and Faerie are easily my two favorites. All of these shades are nicely pigmented, and finely milled. I have plans on purchasing a full size of Faerie with my next order, which will probably be placed once Belén releases the new things she's been holding on to (she's been having some difficulty with a supplier, I believe).

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