Sunday, August 28, 2011

Revlon Custom Eyes Naturally Glamorous Palette - Review

Revlon has always struck me as a grandma-brand. When I was younger, it seemed impossibly expensive (that sounds so funny to say now, though), and they always seemed to use older models than young, hip, and less expensive brands like Maybelline. As I've grown up, and had the opportunity to try some of Revlon's products, I'll have to say that I'm not that impressed. Sure, they're okay, mediocre at best, but they don't justify that higher (drugstore) price tag.

There are a few exceptions, however. This palette is one of them. I read a post on Makeupalley saying these cable-knit-looking palettes were amazing, soft, buttery, just the best thing ever. When cruising through my local Fred Meyer during a 40% Revlon sale, I decided to give one a try, and since I'm a fan of neutrals, Naturally Glamorous was the best choice for me.

Each palette has 5 shadows, and retails for between $10 - $13. The shadows all share the same pan, there's no dividers between them. I've already gotten rid of the applicator, but it was the standard fair for drugstore palettes - two different shaped sponges on a stick. No mirror is included with this palette, which is normal, as well.

 The back just has a diagram of where to place the colors should go to create a specific look.

Each palette contains a liner shadow, two - three lid colored shadows, and a a highlighting shade. All of the colors in the palette lean warm. The liner shade, number 5, is a deep, blackened brown with shimmer. The neighboring shade, number 4, is a warm browned-gold. The highlight shade, number 3, is a light gold, that's just a touch frosty. Next, number 2, is a coppery-gold color, and last, number 1, is a golden taupe, sort of. The picture above is with flash, the picture below is no flash. You can see how different that last shade looks.

No names were provided for these colors, which seems normal for drugstore palettes. All of the shadows are decently pigmented, the only problem is that 3 of the 4 shades look very, very similar. They're by no means identical, but they seem superfluous, especially since the differences are fairly hard to notice when applied on my eye.

The texture, however, is the definitely the best thing about this palette. They feel very, very creamy, almost to the point where you start to wonder if they're cream shadows. They wear fairly well, and last on my lids 11 hours or so, at which point I remove my makeup.The liner doesn't really work as a liner, unless using a pencil brush, like the MAC 219. An angled liner brush, like the MAC 266, doesn't work.

I'm very impressed with this palette. I wish there were different shades in this palette, to really make it worth the money. Shades 2 and 4 are very, very similar. But, they wear and blend so nicely. Even shade 3, which could've been a frosty nightmare, is pleasant to use. I would definitely recommend this palette for neutral gals (and guys!) everywhere!

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