Saturday, August 13, 2011

Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner - Review

I think I'm a closet Clinique ho or something. I have a ton of their stuff, although it's the eye products that I use. My first non-pencil liner was Clinique's Brush-On Cream liner, simply because it was affordable, and came with a brush (which I used for about a year, believe it or not). I currently own 5 of them, all limited edition or discontued colors (sorry), and am always excited to see what new shades they bring out at holiday time, since that seems to be the only time they introduce new shades.

The formula these have feels unique, to me. It's truly creamy, not like MAC's Fluidlines or Bobbi Brown's Long Wearing Gel Liners, which both, to me, feel gel-like over all. The pigmentation varies by shade, in my experience. Some shades like Violet Luxe and Chocolate Lustre are pigmented and lovely. Others, like Bronze, isn't very pigmented. The good news is these can easily be built up to the pigmentation you like. I like to use my MAC 219 for a smudgey look, and to line my lower lashline. I like to use the MAC 266 for a more precise look.

Violet Luxe is a deep-ish, blue-tinged violet. Bronze is a cooler milk chocolate shot with bronzey gold shimmer. Egyptian is a olive green-gold shimmery tone (super pretty!). Graphite is a silvery grey. Chocolate Lustre is a gorgeous milk chocolate with gold shimmer, a warmer cousin to Bronze. Obviously, I've used Chocolate Lustre the most, with Egyptian coming in second.

Anyway, I love these liners. They're creamy, smudge-able, and wear very well on me. Clinique doesn't stray too far out of the box with their color choices, though. Their core line consists of True Black (black), Deep Brown (dark brown), Smoke Grey (mushroomy taupe), and Black Honey (reddish brown). I used to have True Black, but I got rid of it, because I rarely, if ever, wear black liner. It just looks too dark on my fair skin. I've never owned the others, though, because I had other liners in similar colors, or the colors weren't something I'd like.

For $15.00, I totally think these liners are worth it. They are as good as the other, more popular liners of this type, like MAC Fluidlines and Bobbi Brown Long Wearing Gel Liners, but from Clinique. I wish their core collection was a little more expansive, or that their limited editions were a little more daring.

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