Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chanel Ombre D'Eau Seashore # 747 - Review

I swear, I love Chanel products. Especially their nail polishes... and their eyeshadows... and their blushes are pretty good, too... but, I digress. I love the concept of cream shadows, but they're always a bit of work to make them wear well on me. I need to set them with powder, have UDPP under them, and even then, they may not work - they make like David Copperfield and vanish, taking any other shadows with them.

I tried explaining this to a makeup artist for Chanel a while ago (maybe 2 - 3 years?), and she smiled at me, and said "You need to try these!" She was doing a makeover on me anyway, and used their Ombre D'Eau in Seashore. It's gorgeous. It's a liquid-to-powder, shadow that can be applied over or under other shadows, depending on the kind of finish you're looking for. Oily lids limit you, however, because I have to set this with a powder to get 10+ hours wear.

Packaged like many other brand's lipglosses, you get a short, frosted glass tube. Had I not shaken the tube, you would've seen how these are in the "natural" state. The pigment settles to the bottom of the tube, and you have shake these before using them. The applicator is a doe foot.

Chanel knows how to make everything so classy!

Seashore is a golden-peach color with a metallic bent (and it appears to be discontinued, since it's no longer on Chanel's website). The swatch on the left is unblended, on the right it's blended out a bit. I dab the doe foot on my lid, and then blend a bit with my finger.

The trick with this product is to work quickly, because it sets quickly, and then it's staying put. It lasts through a normal, non-crazy warm day most of the time, meaning for me, it'll stay 8 - 10 hours if unset. If I set with a powder eyeshadow, the wear time is 12 hours or so. What's awesome is that you don't have to wear this sheerly. You can have it on, full strength, and the performance is just as if you applied it sheerly. For most non-powder shadows, I have use a thin layer (like Clinique's old Quick Eyes Cream Shadows), but not with Ombre D'Eau. I bet it's because it's a liquid, not a true cream. It's very runny in the tube, and it looks like it'd be terrible, but I promise it's not!

For $32, you get what seems to be an impossibly small amount of product. But, very little goes a long, long way. I love this product, and have a second color waiting in the wings until I finish up another cream shadow. I can't rave about this product enough!

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