Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tarte Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush - Review

Brush reviews sort of scare me. I mean, every one uses brushes differently, and expect different things from their brushes. Some brushes are universally loved, while others have their fans and haters. But, I've mentioned this brush enough to do a review, becase I really love the finish it gives to every foundation I've used it with, and think it's worth your time to look in to. Tarte released this brush originally last year, with the 8th Wonder of the World kit on QVC. Now that they've made the Amazonian Clay foundation available through normal retail outlets, the brush is to.
Top brush: Sephora Professional Platinum #55 Airbrush Brush, Bottom brush: Tarte Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation brush
 This brush is short, fat, and super soft. It has dense, bi-colored bristles that trick you into thinking it's a duo-fiber brush, but it's not. The bristles are cut into a dome shape, to help with blending.
The brush head is very, very full. This allows you to really buff your foundation in, and becuase of the large surface area, you are able to cover a lot of territory very quickly, making it a great addition for those mornings when sleeping in seemed a like a good idea.
My only gripe is that because the brush head is so dense, it can be hard to clean. I've found using a brush cleaner, like MAC's, then using a cleansing oil (or an oil-based makeup remover), and then using a makeup removing face wash (philosophy's Purity) seems to work, but that's a long process. It also take a while to dry after cleaning, but, considering the size, shape, and density of this brush, I'm okay with that.

This brush retails for $32, and is available from Sephora, QVC, and Ulta. The price on this brush is fantastic, considering I've never experienced shedding, and it's soft, and works so well. Likely, it's at a low-ish price, because it's made in China. Even if you're not a huge Tarte fan (and I wouldn't consider myself one), this brush should be in your kit.

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