Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl - Review

Benefit is one of those brands that moves between tacky/gimmicky and innovative very, very easily. I've found holy-grail items and garbage from the line (which, I suppose, is no different than any other line), but I'm always game to try another Benefit item, because you just never know.
 I've been eyeing Girl Meets Pearl for a long time - thinking it'd be a great alternative to Moonbeam/High Beam, which seem like they'd be a pain in the butt to apply (liquid highlighter on a cheap nail polish-type brush? uhg). Girl Meets Pearl is a "soft golden pink, liquid-pearl highligher." For $30, Benefit gives you 0.4 ounces of product. That's not much. Instead of laying out that kind of money, I bought a 0.25 ounce bottle at Ulta for something around $10. I figured, if I use it up, then it might be worth paying full price. The mini comes in a squeeze tube, however, the full size is packaged similar to a click-pen lip gloss, except the product is pushed through a plastic mesh. I'd imagine, based on experience with products like that, it'd be hard to apply directly from the container and a good brush would be in order. I've used it a fair amount, and use very little for each application.
The color description, "soft golden pink" is dead on. It's more shimmer than pearl, though. The amount you see on my wrist is enough for my cheekbones, so you don't need much.

The wear time is somewhat disappointing, though. This seems to fade within 2 hours to nothing. My end of day face is not highlighted. I don't like to touch up through out the day, so this irritates me. I would hope a liquid, set with powder, would last most of the day, and this doesn't. It's a beautiful color, though. I can't recommend this product.

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