Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blusher by Barry M - Review

Why does the UK get all sorts of drugstore awesomeness? It's not fair! Although, they pay a higher price for high end cosmetics, so maybe things balance out. It's not fair either way, though. I did a CP/swap with a lovely girl who lives in London, and one of the things I wanted was this blush from Barry M.
It's called Peaches & Cream, and it's a beautiful golden apricot/peach shade. The packaging is super cute and ornate for drugstore offerings. A typical, synthetic, cheap brush is included, however, Barry M does not provide a mirror in the compact. I apologize, but I'm not sure of the price for this, but I believe it was under £5.
 This is a shimmery blush, but oh so pretty!
The back as the information you would expect to find, except you'll note the name of the color does not appear. In fact, the only way you'd know what color the blush is, is on the barcode, where "BL 7" appears. It seems more companies in the U.S. are adopting this strategy of not printing color names on products.
Peaches & Cream has a decent amount of orange to it. It's still soft, wearable, and blendable. It's a great spring/summer blush for those of use who like peachy blushes. While I tend to like a little pink with my peach, the color is still beautiful, and unique in my stash. The shimmer buffs down a bit to a low glow, which is also very nice. I usually use my MAC 109 to apply.

Overall, I love the color a lot. And, for a drugstore blush, this is probably the best I've used. I'd like to swatch it next to NARS Luster, to see how it compares color wise, too.

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