Monday, March 12, 2012

Milani Illuminating Face Powder in Amber Nectar - Review

I'll admit, I need a good bronze. Well, need is a strong word - I have a few (read: several), but another one can't hurt, right? Especially a shimmery one? That's super cute? Milani's new Illuminating Face Powder caught my eye at my local Fred Meyers a few weeks ago, and since cosmetics were buy one get one half priced, and I had found one thing.... I needed a second.
See how pretty? Several rosettes pressed into this multicolored powder. The different tones are not overspray, either. Shades of pink-champagne, pink, light peachy tan and a less-light tan, with a tiny bit of shimmer, and pressed into one pan, with a clear lid and gold-toned plastic base.
For about $10-$12, you get 0.35 oz of powder. Due to the nature of drugstore products, the price you pay will vary depending on where you go and whether they're running a sale.
The back has a couple of suggestions for application, but this is a bronzer/blush, so I think most of us have a pretty good idea of how to use this.
The overall tone, when swirling your brush over the entire powder, is a slightly peachy-tan color. It's fairly neutral (not pink, not yellow), and it glows. At first I thought it might be shimmery, but it's really lovely. It appears to last most of the day on my cheeks (not oily, not necessarily dry), and does not oxidize in any way. I suppose you could use it as an eyeshadow palette, but the shades are not that different from one another. Blended, however, I think it'd be a very pretty lid color.

As a bronzer, the glow is a bit much for me - my oily t-zone can glow on it's own, thanks. I think drier skinned people will enjoy it when used as one, though. Deeper skintones could use this has a highlighter.

Overall, it's a very pretty powder, at a very good price. The quality is excellent, especially when noting the mosaic is not overspray, but individual shades.

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