Friday, June 24, 2011

Etsy Find- Linnaeus Cosmetics again!

I haven't bought anything from Etsy in a while. That's probably a good thing, because the last purchase I made of 6 eyeshadows was mildly disappointing (and 3 of the sellers I most enjoy are in the process of moving their shops to Artfire, or hosting their own webstore). When I was pawing through my collection of loose eyeshadows, I realized I still hadn't finished swatching and posting my meager collection of Linnaeus Cosmetics shadows.

Marin, honestly, is probably the most-fun (this is totally why funnest should be a word) seller to converse with via email. She's in the middle of launching her own site, and is having a "clearance sale" of sorts in her Etsy shop (20% off with the code "TATAETSY"), which is valid until her shop is cleaned out (hurry!). This review will be of 3 more of her shadows (you can see my first review of one of her other collections here). This time around, I'll discuss three more shadows, two of which are part of the same collection, Kalahari (part of the Gemsbok collection), Twiggy and Those Gams! (both part of the Maned Wolf collection). Like most loose shadows, these are packaged in clear 5 gram jars. I still really like that Marin takes the time to stamp her company's name on the lids. I feel it sets her shadows apart from others who don't do this.

The bottoms of the jars have the name of the shadow and a complete ingredients list. Nice!

Twiggy is a light orange-peach shade, with a lighter shimmer (Marin says it's white in her description, so I'll take her word for it). Those Gams! is a blackened-base with coppery shimmer (which doesn't really appear for me no matter what I do, but that's often the case for me and this type of color). Kalahari is an awesome my-lid-but-better shade, a champagne-beige with shimmer.

I love that these aren't glittery, but shimmery. Glitter falls and can be an annoyance. Shimmer tends to stay where I put it. Like the wallaby collection previous reviewed, I have no issue with these not creasing or fading on me. These blend easily, and are easy to use (unlike some loose shadows). If you have trouble getting loose shadows to stay, here's a tip: apply them wet using a mixing medium (I use MAC's. Fix+ may also work, but I've never tried it), and let that dry. Once dry, take a fluffy eyeshadow brush, like a 224 from MAC, and very lightly dust the same shadow over it. It's like setting your liquid foundation with powder. Even for the most persnickety shadows (I've been trying to work that word into a sentence all week!) will last beautifully, in my experience.

If you are interested in these shadows, please visit Marin's blog, where she posts updates and information. Her shop on Etsy is getting pretty small, and her site launches very, very soon!

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