Friday, April 8, 2011

Etsy Find- Linnaeus Cosmetics

I'll admit it - I love haul videos on Youtube. I love seeing what other people buy (what people will spend their money on is fascinating, although anymore, the people I watch seem to get most things for free). Anyway, when watching one of Pinkiecharm's haul videos, she mentioned she received some shadows from an Etsy shop called Linnaeus Cosmetics. Having taken my share of biology classes, I had an idea of who Linnaeus was, and was definitely intrigued.

I have made 2 purchases from Marin's shop. Full size shadows are packaged in our good friend the 5 gram jar, with sifters. Marin includes the ingredients for each shade on the bottom of the jar, which is pretty nifty. Full size jars are $5.00 (reasonable), however, entire collections, like this one, are $12.00 (which is a great price!). Shipping is currently $2.50 for your first item, then $0.10 for each additional item - which is, frankly, awesome. I can't begin to discuss how many Etsy shop owners make huge profits on shipping due to their pricing and shipping structures. Each purchase I've made was packed carefully, and Marin was quick to update me on the status of my order each time.

I wanted to review this particular collection, the Brush Tailed Wallaby collection, because it's absolutely my favorite set. It features 3 colors: Sprightly, Cliff Line, and Zippy. If you're unsure of what to purchase, and love neutrals, you must buy this collection!

Sprightly is a warm mid-toned brown with tonal shimmer. Cliff Line is a neutral-toward-cool shimmery taupe (super shimmery). Zippy is a warm brown with a copper shimmery. Above swatches are on dry, bare skin. They have decent pigment, and seem to last all day on me (which can't be said of other Etsy lines). I would love to see all 3 of these colors done in a matte finish (hint, hint).

The names and colors were inspired by the brush tailed wallaby, a species indigenous to Australia. What I love about Linnaeus Cosmetics is how complete the branding is. Marin's attention to detail is fantastic. Although this collection is inspired by a cute, fuzzy animal (seriously cute!), Marin has other collections based on less cuddly animals, like lizards, birds, and frogs (although the frog is cute, too!). Marin includes a short description of the animal, description and ingredients for each shadow (and how that name fits the animal). Her shipping packaging is also detail laden:

Non-bleached cotton canvas bags, with animals stamped on them? Cute! Non-bleached paper tag with application tips and tied with raffia? Cute! Even the out bubble mailer (which I've already reused, so I can't show you) has an animal stamped on it. Her invoices are also printed on non-bleached paper, which demonstrates how committed she is to her brand identity.

Since I've already purchased twice, it's apparent I like the company, and Marin's product. Her customer service is top notch (she's so friendly in convo's!), the products are fantastic, and the attention to detail, I think, is great. I would highly recommend checking out her shop!

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