Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NOTD - China Glaze 108 Degrees

I love shimmery hot pink nail polishes. I really love shimmery (not glittery) polishes in general, and China Glaze makes amazing shimmers. So pretty and sparkling. It really reminds me of Zoya Astra, one of their uber-glitter polishes. I probably don't need both, but I love this type of color for summer. This is two coats and 1 coat of Diamont, and even though I just did this mani last night (and haven't done anything strenuous since), I've already got a few minor chips. What's up with that?

As a side note, I recently bought the entire Summer 2011 China Glaze collection, Island Escape, on eBay from a relatively new seller (she had 2 feedback). Normally, I have no issue with purchasing from new sellers, but I can't recommend this seller. Mostly, because the 6 polishes were sent in a small flat rate Priority box with NO PACKAGING MATERIALS, save those thin-walled boxes polishes arrive in from Trans-Design. Seriously. Amazingly, only one polish broke (one that I was super interested in, too, Cha Cha Cha. This explains why there's green polish on the bottle of 108 Degrees). I was dissatisfied with how the seller decided to resolve the issue - either a refund of what the polish was "worth," based on the final auction price (which was a bit over $3.00), or she could try to source another one, and I'd have to pay shipping for her to send it. I took the refund, and still have not left feedback. Note to would-be or current eBay sellers, per FTC regulations it is YOUR responsibility to make sure your buyer gets exactly what they ordered in the condition they ordered it in. I'm looking at you, Sparkling*Nails (also sent a polish that got broken when shipped, and has forever lost my business for not making it right) and friedpickles63 (latest seller).

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