Monday, February 27, 2012

Physician's Formula Happy Booster Lipstick - Review

I honestly squealed when I saw a display of new Happy Booster products last month. No, really, squealed. After somewhat composing myself, I decided on one of the new blushes, and one of the lipsticks, I <3 Nude.
 The packaging is like the rest of the Happy Booster line - metallic hot pink with silver accents. The name of the product is printed on a sticker on the bottom of the tube.
The lipstick it's self is 3 different colors in a single tube. The outer ring is a bright peach-pink, the middle ring is a soft pink, and the inner core (which is hard to see once you've used it), is heart shaped and is a soft pinky peach. So, with a name like "I <3 Nude," where's the nude? No, really, WHERE? It's a bright peach-pink, and on my complexion, reads almost orange.

Physician's Formula says:
  • Rich color glides on with luminous shine and all-day comfort for a happy glow.
  • Lip boosting formula with collagen boosting peptides smoothes lips so they look plump, healthy and luscious.
Misnomer aside, the lipstick isn't bad, but it's not great. I consider it a lipstick/balm combo, not a true lipstick. It's somewhat sheer, and feels a bit like a slick balm. A few passes, as indicated above, build up the color intensity nicely, without weighing down my lips. The color is only slightly glossy. I would say this lipstick wears off by the 3 hour mark, or so, and should not be considered long wearing, despite the fact that my list started feeling dry after about an hour. I didn't notice any plumping effect (good, since plumpers usually irritate my lips terribly). My lips didn't appear smoother.

The scent is a strange floral with a bit of almost tea scent. Like the powders, if you've smelled those. Not unpleasant, not really my favorite, though.

Because Physician's Formula is rather expensive for a drugstore item, I don't see this lipstick being a great budget find. I believe this retails for $8.99 or so.

Overall, if you want a bright peach-pink that you reapply over the course of the day, this is for you. If you want opacity or a high-shine finish, however, keep looking.

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