Friday, October 7, 2011

Sonia Kashuk Beautifying Blush in Melon - Review

I can admit when I have a problem - I love peachy-pink blushes. Love. As in, I must own them all. Must. Somewhere during my travels, I believe I had read that a dupe for MAC's very popular Ripe Peach blush ombre was available at Target, as part of Sonia Kashuk's line. Naturally, I couldn't remember the name of the Sonia Kashuk product, but this blush caught my eye while I was searching. After mulling it over for a grand total of 30 seconds, this blush found it's way into my basket.

One thing that's always deterred me from buying Sonia Kashuk's products is their price. They're not cheap, for example, this blush retails for $8.99. Now, I can live with elevated drug store prices, because they go on sale regularly, right? Well, not Sonia Kashuk. The best deal you're going to find is 10%, sporadically. Because Target is the exclusive retailer of this product, they have no reason to put it on sale the same way they need to occasionally have Revlon on sale, or Cover Girl products. Even those are usually on "sale" for 10% off. ..::end rant::..

Anyway, this blush delivers what I wanted. Peachy-pink goodness. It's matte, which is great since I don't need to be shimmery all the time, and lasts a reasonable amount of time. It's decently pigmented, so I don't need to pack on a ton of product. Melon blends well, too, which is always a plus. It seems a bit small, though. Especially for $9. There's 0.15 oz (or 4.2 grams) of Melon in a pan, compared to 0.21 oz (or 6 grams) in a MAC frost finish blush (just one that I grabbed, not a particular shade). For another comparison, however, Smashbox's blushes are 0.07 oz (or 2.04 grams) - gah. What a rip off. They're nice, though. Back to Sonia Kashuk's blushes though. Of these 3 options (Sonia Kashuk, MAC, and Smashbox), SK is a better deal. Maybe they're just physically small?
Blushes are packaged in a slim, white compact with a silver band. This blush states it's made in the US, which is kind of neat (seriously, when was the last time you bought something made in the states?). The compact doesn't feel cheap, but is light, which makes sense. It's completely plastic. The top of the compact is clear, so you can see the color of the product. No mirror is included.

Would I repurchase? I dunno. I'm leaning towards no, only because of the price (never mind the fact I have yet to use a blush). It's a solid product, and performs well, but I would rather not support a company that doesn't put things on sale. (Totally kidding). I am truly conflicted, though. Melon isn't really a unique color, you know? And the formula is as nice as any other blush I own.

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