Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sleek Suede Blush - Review

I've been waiting to try Sleek Cosmetics for a long time. Makeupalley has repeatedly discussed this brand, and their releases, for what seems like an eternity. When I had the chance to swap for the highly anticipated "Nude" collection, I jumped on it.

Sleek is a UK-exclusive brand, however, the rest of us can order from their website with quasi-reasonable shipping prices, currently $10 to the US at this time. Blushes retail for $6.50, and there are currently 13 shades available. I have two, but today I'll discuss the newest color, Suede.

Sleek uses a combination of MAC and NARS packaging styles, with a little flair of their own - it's typically black, with minimal decoration. Some colors or palettes do have special designs on them, though, if they're part of a collection. The Nude  is a collection with a nude-toned decoration/flower thingie on all three pieces of the collection.  

The back has a list of ingredients, the name of the color, and the usual fair. These blushes come with a clear plastic wrap around them, which is why they have this information printed on them, unlike brands that utilize boxes or other types of outer packaging. To look at the packaging, you may assume it's very similar to NARS, but it's not so rounded, and it's not made from that obnoxiously weird rubberized stuff. It's smooth black plastic, like MAC. 
Each compact comes with mirror, and, of course, a pressed blush. Suede is a neutral nude-pink. It's pigmented, not exactly soft, and a great, true, neutral with a matte finish. Pink blushes often look a little off on me, because I'm a warm toned gal, and pink seems to always lean cool, but I find this wearable. I've heard a few people say this blush is similar to NARS' Douceur. Any thoughts? I need to get to Sephora to see what I think... Douceur is on my wishlist.

I'm sort of glad this blush isn't particularly soft. Virtually no powder is kicked up by my brush, which is great. My only issue is it can take some pressure on the brush to pick up the blush. Maybe this blush was over pressed or something. I'll need to see if my other Sleek blush is the same (no, I haven't used it yet... I wanted to try this one so bad, I've been using it for the last 2 or so weeks, since my swap partner received her part of our deal!).

So far, I've been pleased with this blush. It's wearable, it lasts 12 plus hours on my face, and looks natural. What's not to love? If possible, I'd strongly recommend this blush, or others from the range.

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