Friday, September 30, 2011

Etsy Find: Brazen Cosmetics Tree Hugger Trio - Review

I will fully admit to loving a good deal. I mean, who doesn't? So, when Brazen Cosmetics was a deal on Heartsy, I snapped up a voucher and ran to Brazen's shop. I love green and neutral eyeshadows (and pretty much every eyeshadow I've laid my eyes on), and really liked the look of this collection, so I picked it up. 

This set is comprised of 3 shadows, Terra Nova (a shimmery gold highlight), World Peace (a shimmery olive/tree-green) and Tree Hugger (a "Dusty coffee brown shimmers with hims [sic] of olive green and gold," but in real life, it's a shimmery deep brown with maybe a hint of green. Maybe.).

I've used Brazen's shadows before, and my experience with this trio sums up all of my other experiences: when they're good, they're sooooo good. When they're "meh," they're.. well... meh. Terra Nova and World Peace are beautiful. I love them, and can see myself wearing them daily. They're creamy, blend beautifully, and are a pleasure to work with. Tree Hugger was the meh part of the trio. Most mineral brands I've used can't seem to nail the deep tones very well. It applies a little patchy, chalky, and almost sheerly in my crease. Interestingly, Tree Hugger swatches well. Maybe I should use my finger to apply it?

Brazen shadows are packaged in 5 gram jars, and come with sifters (which I obviously removed). The bottom of each jar has the company name, color name, and ingredients (I love it when brands do this!). The jars are packed full, and are usually range in price from $4.99 -$5.49 single, or collections can be bought for a small discount.

Currently, only Tree Hugger is still available. This is a limited edition set, but I thought sharing swatches. While I like Brazen Cosmetics, I always spend way more than I should. My order totals are usually close to $30. I also think that Sandi, the owner, takes a page from MAC's controversial book of limited editions - small quantities, with lots of hype. Brazen makes solid shadows (and the perfumes are pretty damn good, too), but you have to be on it to get them, sometimes. If you have any interest at all in their limited edition shades, you essentially have to stalk their Facebook page (for whatever reason, I'm not a big Facebook person), and hope you have the money the moment a listing goes live. This annoys me a bit.

Would I recommend Brazen? Yes, absolutely. Do I like recommend Brazen? Eh, yes and no. Maybe I'm bitter about missing out on other limited edition items, so take that into consideration. At the end of the day, though, the shadows are overall awesome, with hits (and misses), like any other line. 

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