Saturday, September 17, 2011

MAC Blue Storm Pigment - Review

I went through a blue eyeshadow phase at the same time I had come down with a case of "must have all MAC pigments!" disease. I had a chance to snag Blue Storm Pigment a while ago, so I thought I'd discuss my feelings as it's being re-released as part of the MAC Fall Colour collection

The jar I have is from the Zoom Lash collection of 2005. MAC described it as "marine blue with red/violet pigment," (now it's a "rich metallic blue".) I think it's more of a deep royal blue color, because there's a definite purple tone to it. Applied wet, I think the metallic nature shines through, but that's really true of almost any pigment. I can easily see this being used in a smokey eye look, because it's a rich jewel tone. Some of you may recall an eyeshadow called Blue Storm, from the Blue Storm Collection of 2007, which was described as "royal blue with blue and silver pearl." For the sake of comparison:

The texture of this pigment is... interesting. As you will see in the pictures below, it kind of "balls up" (blue.. balls... oh jeez, my mind has found it's way in to the gutter), and feels a bit creamy. Like most pigments, I get the best wear using MAC's Mixing Medium. Honestly, Mixing Medium is awesome, way better than Fix+ could ever hope to be. Anyway, two drops and enough pigment to make a paste is enough for both eye lids.

MAC pigments are still something I collect, so for me, this was a no-brainer. And think purple fans will find a use for this pigment. Those of you who prefer neutrals, however, may not find a ton of uses, although this makes a fantastic liner. I'm hoping to score a sample of the new version, to see how it compares to the older version. Blue Storm will be available for purchase on 09/29/2011 at counters and instores. Online, look for it 09/27/2011.
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