Friday, February 25, 2011

Rock & Republic Blush in "Immoral" - Review

I love Rock and Republic cosmetics. I really do. Their powder products are an extremely awesome value, even at full price. They're smooth, pigmented, and lovely to work with, not to mention the color selection is very, very good.

I have several of their blushes, but I wanted to focus on my newest acquisition, Immoral. In the pan, this is a screaming orange/coral color (or, it would if my camera could handle it. It looks very, very subdued here - but if you were to see it, you'd be "OMGWTF is that?"). With anything but the lightest of hands, it appears on the cheeks the same way. With a light hand, however, it's beautiful glow of coral with a bit of orange (not the most flattering undertone on my NC15 face, but hey, I wear what I want, dammit!). I usually use a MAC 188, 184, or a NARS Yachiyo (after carefully tapping off excess powder) to apply blushes, and they all work well for Immoral. This blush wears fairly well on me; over liquid foundation and under loose powder,it's still visible on my cheeks after about 11 hours.

I know someone out there is dieing to say "LADY! THIS BLUSH IS $40! OMG!" but, calm down and listen: you get 9 grams of product. Chanel, for a little more money, gives you 6 grams, for a slightly less pigmented product. Additionally, R&R seems to be on Haute Look and Gilt Groupe every couple of weeks, so you can usually pick up their products on the cheap, but be warned: their blushes are very popular, because they are excellent, and in my opinion, worth the full admission price.

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