Monday, December 27, 2010

Etsy Find: Moonrise Studio

One of my weaknesses is eyeshadow, as you'll probably find out. I love eyeshadow. Shadows probably total 90% of my stash. Recently, I've found myself trolling Etsy, to find the next big mineral makeup brand (or, to satisfy my needs for sparkly eyeshadows, which is far more likely). Over the last few weeks, I've taken the plunge, and ordered from several different sellers, both well-established, and the newer shops. Today we'll talk about one of the latter.

Moonrise Studio, run by a great girl named Kim, offers several shades from the bold to the neutral. I selected two colors, # 15 Neverwhere, and #12, Snow, Glass, and Apples. Kim sent along a free sample of #01, Charlotte.

The full sized shadows are $4.00 each for 1 gram of color packed in a 5 gram jar with sifter, and shipping is a reasonable $1.75 for the first shadow, plus $0.50 for each additional selection. The jars have a matte black lid, and the color name, as you can see, is handwritten on the bottom of the jar. I hope paper labels in are in the works, because I know in time the handwriting will wear off and I'll be left wondering where I got these shadows from. The same I received was in a flip-top plastic jar. My order arrived quickly in a bubble mailer.

#15 Neverwhere is a warm taupe. Kim describes it as "warm, dirty, pink-grey with pink and gold reflect," which I would completely agree with. It's a great lid shade, if you like warm taupes. #12 Snow, Glass, Apples is described as "soft off-white that rubs down to a golden-ivory with red shimmer," and while I don't see the red at all, I love this as a brow-highlight. In some respects, this is like MAC's Shroom eyeshadow with a little more pigment. Loves it! #01 Charlotte, a free sample, is described as "dusty mauve with flashy copper and gold highlights" by Kim, a very pretty burgundy that reminds me a bit of MAC's Heritage Rouge pigment, only a touch more purple.

Overall, I firmly believe you MUST purchase Neverwhere. You will thank me. Snow, Glass, and Apples is lovely, as well, as is Charlotte. I would absolutely recommend Kim's eyeshadows!

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