Thursday, May 10, 2012

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Brightening Eye Perfector - Review

Although I've been loving my Maybelline Fit Me concealer, I tend to be a bit of a makeup ho - I can't just settle for something that's great, I have to keep trying new products. BzzAgent has an ongoing campaign featuring a suite of Neutrogena products, and one of them is their new click-pen eye brightener, with skincare benefits.
Packaged in a shiny, chubby silver pen, you get 0.17 ounces of concealer for around $10 (the MSRP is $11.99, but the stores I've found this in have for a bit less at regular price). Packed with skin loving ingredients, and boasting a broad-spectrum SPF of 25, this concealer has the makings to be the best thing ever for your eye-area, right?

Neutrogena says:
Discover a do-it-all product that not only brightens and conceals with a patented blend of anti-oxidants including Vitamin E, wild chamomile and soy, but is also clinically shown to de-puff and treat the appearance of dark under eye circles. A flow-through brush perfectly applies the Brightening Eye Perfector for on-the-go flawless coverage anytime. 
We'll talk about the packaging, first. I don't like "flow-through" brushes. They're not sanitary, unless you clean it, and then you lose a fair amount of product. They also tend not to blend well, which is true for the Brightening   Eye Perfector (I end up using my finger or MAC 224 to really blend the product in). I like that the cap snaps tightly shut, though. And, after the seemingly endless number of "clicks" to bring the product up into the brush, two clicks is more than enough for both of my eyes.

I selected the shade "Fair," which is a touch too dark. This ends up being fine, though, because the product is not very pigmented. It needs a coverage boost from a thicker concealer, or corrector (like Bobbi Brown's, or even Cover Girl's). That said, however, it does seem to bring some amount of light to my eyes, which is what I would consider to be the essential function of an eye brightener. It is a fairly thin liquid, which is likely why it doesn't provide a ton of coverage.

It wears well, lasting all day without creasing. After using this for about a week, I haven't noted any real changes to my skin, but I'm not really a believer in products that make makeup and skincare claims. It doesn't appear to dry my skin out, or cause breakouts, however.

If you do not need heavy-duty coverage, this is a great product for you. If you need coverage, you may wish to skip this product. It's not for everyone who, like me, needs a real concealer for their under eye area.

Please know, this product was sent to me for review by BzzAgent. The thoughts above are my own, and I was not paid to say anything complementary or otherwise.

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